We Empower Intermediate Aged Youth through Art, Music and Film
Holiday program term 1
APRIL 15th -26th
9:00 - 3:30
@ Community Music Junction
4 Hopper St, Mt Cook 
We teach crafts such as 
T-shirt painting
superhero creating
plant inventing
ideal world imagining
 comic book making
mural painting
street art
and more!
making film clips
using youtube
short filmmaking
body percussion 
and more!

Script writing
not laughing
sound effects
plot twisting
posting to youtube
and more!

Themes for Term 1 Holiday Program
ARTJAM programs are all about self discovery. Through art projects we can generate amazing conversations that get us thinking about what we believe and how we want to mould our lives. 

Cost per participant: $600
Here are the themes for the 2 weeks:

Social media
Be yourself
Express yourself
Love who you are
After-School Program Term 2
APRIL 30 - JULY 23
Mondays & Thursdays 3:30 - 6pm
@ Newtown Hall
71 Daniel St 
Cost per participant: $220 for 10 sessions
Here are the themes for the 10 weeks:

Recycled art
Short film
Create a super hero
make a song
Self Portrait
reconrd a song
Authenticity and self expression
Kindness is key
Meet the Facilitors
Josh has been doing street art for 10 years and now uses his talent to empower youth
Jamen is a musician, film maker and an up and coming primary teacher currently studying primary school teaching at Vic
What People are Saying
Josh Got involved in a street art workshop and it was definitely the best we've had particularly due to the immersive graffiti experience Josh created with the students.

Evan Morgan
Youth Worker
Josh's style is definitely flow, his art and his connection with people is flow, that's a natural fit with youth, they just shine in response.

Toncie Murat Wells
I was amazed at how fluidly he worked - cool, calm and collected the whole time. He's a talented artist and connects wonderfully with the kids. I'd highly recommend him for teaching art or creating art for any school or community group. Thanks Josh!

Jenny Foulds
School Trustee
Josh is a very enthusiastic, friendly, encouraging & kind person and his art work is full of colour and inspires positivity. He always brings a smile or creates a smile wherever he goes."

Sonya Godfrey 
Josh is able to inspire geuine, honest and creative responses from them. He was a passionate practitioner who really impressed us with his ability to connect with each and every person.

Isvari Kesavi 

Yoga instructor and event organizer 
I was warmly welcomed into the group, and got to experience a lovely and safe balance of depth and creative playfulness. I warmly recommend it!

Anja striepke,
Art therapist (Clinical)
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